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Success! With System.

People are different.

The STRUCTOGRAM® Training System makes these differences practically usable for you!

The STRUCTOGRAM® gives you a visual result of the biostructural analysis, showing the genetically determined basic structure of a personality.

This is not a mere personality test. STRUCTOGRAM® gives you feasible, goal-oriented training modules designed to grow your own self-awareness as well as awareness of the basic human nature of those around you. Our training modules do not just teach you how to gain this knowledge, but also how to apply it.

The Structogram Training System is taught by selected coaches specially qualified and licensed to teach our unique leadership and sales trainings. It can be fine-tuned to individualize other follow-up training sessions in areas such as communication, negotiation, team building, collaboration, stress management, sales and leadership..




Sell successfully. Again and again.

Customers are different. They are driven by different motivations and needs.  A successful salesperson recognizes these and turns them into persuasive arguments and suitable offers

Practice makes perfect.

It takes practice to read and understand customers. The Structogram training follows 3 simple steps.

1 Self-knowledge.

The knowledge of one's own strengths, limitations and weaknesses helps to consciously select the most appropriate sales methods and techniques.

2 Customer knowledge.

Learn to recognize the personality structure of other people through systematic observations.

Acknowledging the otherness of a customer and adjusting your own expectations will help you become a successful sales person.

3 Product knowledge.

Product benefits only emerge when the product properties correspond to customer needs.

Learn to systematically analyse product properties, find the corresponding customer needs and build successful customer relationships. .

With the Structogram training system, you learn to be on your customers’ wavelength, sending out signals your customer is able to receive.

Tap the colored area to learn more about this customer..

more focused on human and emotional factors


talkative, sociable


product experience,

no details




more focused on goals and results


dominant, dynamic


product experience,

concrete benefit


status, performance

more focused on facts and reasoning


distanced, objective


proven facts,

detailed information


planning, rationality


It goes without saying that not every shoe fits every person. Just as we learn foreign languages to facilitate cultural exchange, communication with employees needs to be learned and poses an everyday challenge. Leadership is not a question of position, title or status, but primarily a question of personality.

Knowing the different biostructures and their main motivational factors is a most powerful tool for choosing the “right” leadership approach and the “right words” in a difficult situation.

Employees are not “difficult”, they are simply “different”.

Here are the three training steps that lead to success!

1 Self-knowledge.

Knowing your own strengths, limitations and weaknesses helps to better understand your own motivations, impulses and expectations, enabling you to purposely adjust them

2 Knowledge of others.

Through systematic observation we recognize other people’s personality structure. Acknowledging the otherness of people and adjusting one's own expectations becomes a powerful management tool.

3 Project knowledge.

To be able to relate the demands of a task to each employee’s individuality creates trust.

Become more successful by understanding people in their individuality.

How, for example, do you make decisions? Select 2 statements.

Find more information in our free app: Structogram


In the end, it’s the results that count.

Structogram is a widely used method for improving communication among employees, in corporate management and in customer contact roles. It is impossible to give an earnest estimate about the number of companies applying this method: small companies such as doctors' surgeries use it as successfully as big international corporations.

Advantages of the STRUCTOGRAM® Training System:

Simply unforgettable.

Visualisation of the analysis results makes it memorable.

Immediately applicable

Findings can be easily and immediately transferred into participants’ daily lives.


Personality model based on natural science - confirmed by the latest findings in neurosciences, behavioural genetics and molecular biology

High forecasting power.

Distinction between trait (unchangeable, genetically predisposed basic structure of personality) and state (changeable, environmental, behavioural traits).

Exceptionally high reliability.

Extremely high test/re-test reliability - measured over a period of up to 13 years (!) with values consistently higher than “.90” - and thus high temporal stability and reliability of results.

Common language.

Structogram is the common company language. In 18 languages. Worldwide.

Beautician college

STRUCTOGRAM® helps to provide active consulting.

True beauty comes from within.

Real Estate

STRUCTOGRAM® facilitates active selling.

A look into the stories

of our brain –

and then into those of beautiful houses.

Touring Club

STRUCTOGRAM® Mission impossible.

Green, red, blue for the yellow angels.