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Communicate, sell and lead more effectively in three steps:

With the STRUCTOGRAM® training system, you learn to transmit easily and quickly on the frequency that your counterpart can receive. Lasting customer loyalty, more sales and leadership success are the result.

From the ME ...

In the first training step you will get to know yourself in a new way with the help of STRUCTOGRAM®. You understand the causes of your success better and can avoid failures in a targeted way.

... to the YOU ...

In the second training step, with the help of TRIOGRAM®, you learn to recognise the biostructure of other people quickly and accurately through systematic observation. The knowledge about your own biostructure serves as a basis for this.

... to a better WE

In the third step, you learn to align your ideas, suggestions and offers as closely as possible to the motives and wishes of your clients and colleagues.

The STRUCTOGRAM® training system is taught exclusively by licensed trainers.

Working material

You can choose from the online version, the workbook Relationship Competence (all 3 steps) or you can work through the workbooks in ascending order.

1 STRUCTOGRAM® - Training System 1:
The Key to Self-Knowledge

Successful people have a unique personal style.

Their key to success is using methods and techniques that are perfectly suited to them. They do not use standard "recipes for success", but embrace their own authentic personality with all its rough edges and pitfalls. The Structogram provides a visual representation of your unique personality with all the opportunities and risks that come with it. There is no judgement, as each biostructure has its advantages.

In the first training step, the participants learn a new way of getting to know each other. They learn to understand the principles of their own success and how to avoid failure. Behaving and developing in harmony with your personal nature creates trust and saves energy.

Knowing your own biostructure means you can easily develop realistic goals and promising strategies and adopt coherent sales techniques and leadership methods.

Optimize your strengths by getting to know yourself..

Our high-quality seminar workbook, including biostructure analysis with Structogram disk.

2 STRUCTOGRAM® Training System 2:
The Key to Understanding Others

Every person is unique. It is impossible to individually capture the innumerable signals humans send out. In order to evaluate and understand these diverse signals and peculiarities, our brain uses certain criteria as a benchmark to interpret all the impressions it receives.

TRIOGRAM® helps you to map and structure other people’s peculiarities quickly and reliably. During the training, this map is embedded as an inner image in the long-term memory.

In the Triogram training, participants learn to recognise other people’s biostructure through systematic observation and by "placing" them in the Triogram. Knowing their own biostructure serves as a basis for this.

Those who are aware of other people’s biostructure become more sensitive to the behaviour of others and are better able to understand people in their individuality, thus finding it easier to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Win the support of others by understanding what makes them tick. .

Workbook, including the TrioMap.

3 Application: Sales
The Key to Understanding the Customer

Thanks to Structogram, you understand better what makes your customers tick. You can empathize with your customers’ thoughts and feelings and learn to align your offer as closely as possible with your customers’ motives and needs. You learn to be on your customer’s wavelength in no time, transmitting exactly those signals that are right for them. The result: more successful sales and perpetual customer loyalty.

Sales experts have mastered the art of selling the same product to different customers in different ways. They are more convincing and able to make a difference no matter what product they sell

Make it easier for your customers to say YES to your offers.

Workbook, including many practical examples.

Become a trainer

Use the STRUCTOGRAM® Training System to make your training more effective!

Successful people know how to use their predisposed personality structure in coherence with their learned behaviour. Being authentic makes them credible and convincing..

The Structogram shows you how you can develop in harmony with your true nature. You will only be able to train others effectively and successfully, if you are able to differentiate between those characteristics that can be changed permanently and those which cannot. This knowledge enables you to bridge possible transfer gaps and ensures optimal implementation of the training content in your daily practice..

The Structogram Training System offers the unique key that helps you differentiate between those characteristics. It has proven itself in practice for many years..

How to become a Structogram trainer

To become a Structogram trainer, you have to take part in a special training sequence given by a master trainer in your country. It is divided into three phases and takes 6 to 8 days in total. The aim of the training is to enable you to incorporate the Structogram into your training seminars, thus adding value for your seminar clients

1. Experience from a participant’s perspective

Before you start the licensing workshop, you should experience the Structogram training from the perspective of a participant. This can be done with a licensed trainer or with us in an open seminar.

2. Licensing Workshop

The actual licensing workshop takes place in your country. Participants are exclusively “prospective Structogram trainers”.

3. Master Class

An additional coaching day with a master trainer to discuss customer specific projects is also included in the license fee.

After you completed your first own training experiences with Structogram, you have the opportunity to participate again in the licensing workshop, free of charge.

Structogram regularly organizes training days for active, licensed Structogram trainers. .

Apply now!

Apply now!

Training with the Structogram method is challenging and requires a deep understanding of ethics as well as good coaching skills and life experience. You need to have the necessary respect for the task at hand, namely accompanying other people through the development of their personality.

It is of enormous importance for us and for you, that all trainers and training materials are of the highest quality. That is why we seek a very close cooperation with our licensed coaches.

Are you a qualified trainer or coach and have already been working successfully in a training or coaching role for several years?

Do you have high expectations of yourself, of the quality of your training/ coaching and have excellent references?

Are you passionate about finding and implementing individual solutions for your clients and participants?

Take the first step!

Send us an e-mail with your application or arrange a telephone appointment with us to receive further information on “Become a trainer”-Workshops and on working as a Structogram trainer.

STRUCTOGRAM®-Trainings may only be conducted by specially trained and licensed trainers!

Company Training

Tailor-made training seminars for your company.

All our training seminars can be booked as in-house trainings. We will be happy to help you find the right trainer for your needs and your industry.

Experienced, specially trained and licensed coaches use the Structogram Training System worldwide as the basis for their work in order to make their training seminars more effective.

Send us an E-Mail with your requirements.

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